I am an independent web designer based in Quebec.

About me
Welcome to my portfolio. I am an 18 year old graphic designer, web designer and everything else that you are looking for. I've been doing graphic design for 7 years and almost one year in web design. I am also extremely social, i've hosted shows before, been a director of multiple projects and worked with big web designers. Always striving to be the best and learn more and more I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.
What can I do?
Not only do I know how to use photoshop but I also know how to proporly use Illustrator, After Effects, DreamWeaver, Audition, Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas, Acid and MANY MANY other programs. All you need to do is ask me what exactly you need and I will provice you.

Lightning fast
response time

I aspire to reply to any messages or orders as fast as humanly possible. Meaning if you do send a message I will reply in under 24 hours and we will be able to discuss terms.


I assure 100% Clean code/projects


For any project, there has to be atleast a 1 to 2 hour brainstorming process unless the client knows exactly what they need.

the product

On delivery you will be notified the moment it is finished and tested. Once delivered we will be able to communicate and see if you are content with the product or if need be any changes.

Clients I've worked with
The only current clients I have helped are my teachers so to speak and my family and friends. I have no yet to aid an official company or any organisation of the sort. But hey, you can be the first!
Leave me a message
You can find me literally anywhere, just push a button and we’re there

819 968 2403


Gatineau, Quebec